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Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's been brought to my attention that my blogging has been particularly slackerly as of late and yes, I'm afraid it's true.

Some of this has been due to the end-of-the-semester maelstrom. Some of this is about being out of town. Some of this is about the holidays -- otherwise known as The Season of Despicable Mental Hygiene. Some of this is about being sucked down the blackblack hole that is Crackbook. Some of this is about being preoccupied with meatspace issues. Some of this is about having written myself into a blogging corner in which I've abandoned the more casual, conversational posts in favor of drafting, poeming, and conversing with my Japanese Mother to the point that I feel kind of weird/self-conscious about writing the casual, conversational post about nothing.

So, um . . . yeah.

Here's a partial compilation of what's been going on with me:

I was totally distracted and forgot to make a New Year's resolution this year. Is it too late? What should I resolve? Perhaps it should really be something about procrastination? [meta tag] But I'm not ready to make a resolution yet, so will think about it for awhile longer. Perhaps by the Lunar New Year? [ / meta tag]

The Gaslight Lounge in Soo Foo is, just for the record, the consummate blend of kitsch and squalor. I <3 it!

I attempted to throw an Absinthe Party following the departmental X-mas potluck, but as it turned out, everyone became distracted by mezcal instead. Power tools were left behind, which engendered a lot of saucy post-party badinage on Crackbook. Drill eventually exchanged for cupcakes in complex hostage negotiation at Carey's bar. Absinthe Party? Still on the horizon.

Crashing a wedding at the Eagle's Lounge with girlfriends will concomitantly lead to such epistemological concerns as whether or not the correct version of the chicken dance involves a do-si-do or no and whether or not Stacy's mom has got it going on.

During the winter months, I adore acorn squash with a love that is irrational, obsessive, and -- quite frankly? -- just a little bit unholy.

I spent ten days in residency at the lovely Lied Lodge over X-mas break with wonderful colleagues and students, teaching for the University of Nebraska low-res M.F.A. When I returned home, I discovered that my friend John had left a hibernating Fairy Queen(?) insect in my refrigerator for me in a plastic baggie -- wings enfolded down into a clever, compact origami. What could be better than that?

I have been trying to stretch and learn and grow in certain key areas. I have been trying not to let my past blindly dictate my future. I have been trying to arise to challenges that I would not have been able to rise to before. It's hard. And scary. And painful. But there's a kind of joyous openness to all of this, too. And I think it might also be, ultimately, very very good for me?

What's new with you, oh blogosphere???
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Ok, so I am not quite sure I am ready to head back to the Vermin-town. However, the prospect of an absinthe party makes me want to jump in my speed racer and haul behind to the town of Vermillion and imbibe in the green-ness, French style, not bohemian, as this is a waste of perfectly good alcohol.

I have been enjoying the Lucid a bit lately. However, Khubler 54 (A Swiss Blanche) is a sheet delight, though a bit lower in alcohol percent than the Lucid. Now, if you happen to come across some pre-ban Pernod...
Blogger P. Block, at 9:42 PM  
Yes, I said a sheet delight...
Blogger P. Block, at 9:43 PM  
dude if u do have a
absinthe party u gotta invite
me! i've always wanted 2 try it
ever since i had my first crush
on Arthur Rimbaud
definitely do more procrasting--its heathly it fills so many empty spaces between here and OBLIVION!
Blogger Joel Waters, at 12:23 AM  
I'm a lurker (but not a creepy one), and I'm always happy to see a new post from you. Post more often, please!

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reekboo: the frightening odor that comes out of my cat after she's eaten a can of tuna.
Blogger Diana, at 10:56 PM  
I've missed your blogging.

Ditto on the acorn squash. That's how I love any kind of orange food, really, during the winter.

For your absinthe party? I highly recommend it in cupcake form. I like the ritual of pouring it through the sugar spoon more than I like the drink itself. But in cupcake form, it's transformative.

Happy new year! I didn't make a resolution, either.
Blogger Karin, at 4:42 PM  
I remain confident that Stacy's mom has it going on. The wedding d.j. that played that video at Stacy's wedding, however, does not have it going on.

I sense that, like certain thesis statements, some NYE resolutions may be implicit ... I truly sense this.

I am so happy that you will be unembracing your Inner Critic and again blog with willie and perhaps even nillie.

I admire your incorporation of HTML tags into your text; it's uber, it's meta, it's a language ho's dream, and I therefore will be stealing with great abandon and without giving any credit to you.

Last, Oh. My. GOD. Cupcakes + absinthe? Is that legal? I will need to be scraped off the ceiling and/or floor.

Also too, I know it's bad form to bogart the comment area. But sometimes I jes' can' hep myself.
Blogger superbigmuch, at 12:28 PM  
You're in good shape--bloggingwise.

One blogger I follow regularly hasn't posted since Dec.15, '08.

I know he's still among the living because he frequently comments on my blog.
Anonymous sue18, at 8:00 PM  
I blogged about your paper at the Queer Art/Queer Action conference and I added you to my blogroll at http://stuffqueerpeopleneedtoknow.wordpress.com/ That means you should start blogging again.
Anonymous Stuff Queer People Need To Know, at 8:43 PM  
Blogger Bryan Thao Worra, at 4:39 PM  
Just Cool
Anonymous Octopus, at 6:31 AM  

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