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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hey, thanks and a shout out to M.J. at Friday Fishwrap for her DIY Dyke Decorating Tips. I dithered and dithered yesterday about whether the faux Nakashima should go on the rug, or in front of the rug, and in my head, it sort of sounded like: Should I put the table on the rug? But if the table's on the rug, shouldn't it have to be in the middle of the rug? But then the table will be too far from the futon! So maybe that means the futon should overlap the end of the rug, yes? I know I read somewhere that you're supposed to get a big rug, and then put the sofa/futon/what-the-fuck-ever ON the end of the rug. Gah! I need a bigger rug, don't I? But a bigger rug will crowd out the room! And I can't afford a bigger rug right now! And I love this rug! Gah! In fact, I love this rug so much I don't want to put anything on the rug. But what's the point of having the rug if I won't put anything ON the rug? Gah!

And so I basically really needed someone to just say to me: Put the freaking table on the rug!

And voila!

* * *

Hey, now, Hey, now. Aiko, aiko, ah nay. Jockamo feenah ah-na nay, jockamo feenah nay.

* * *

I don't know, I'm just sort of a in a weird place right now.

And I'm in a weird place with my writing. I'm working with material that I'm not really sure I should be working with--for various personal and familial reasons--but I seem to need to go there . And maybe this is good. Feeling uncomfortable with the material is, I think, ultimately good. I guess I feel as if I should just keep writing and then sort out all the other stuff later on.

I also have completely unrealistic expectations for what I'm able to get done on my sabbatical. There's so much I desperately want to do--three projects that I'd like to explore to varying degrees--but there's just not going to be enough time. And it's making me nuts. And making me frantic. But I need to slow down, concentrate, and focus on one thing at a time. Plus, it seems as if there are constant interruptions . . . I start to get a really good rhythm going and then I have to go out of town again, or I have professional responsibilities that need attending to, or the Norovirus hits, or a Very Bad Kitten spills a vat of coffee on the laptop, etc. etc. etc. So I get nuts. And frantic.

* * *

Rule of thumb: When the going gets weird, cat-blog!

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Yay! Looks great :)

And I want to be in that cat pile...
Blogger MJ, at 1:22 PM  
The rug/table arrangement looks excellent. Now I'm thinking I'd better go home and make sure mine is okay.

You're so lucky your cats love each other. My cats won't sleep within smelling range of one another.

Best of luck with all your writing projects. I can relate to your anxieties, but I'm so happy for you about your sabbatical!
Blogger Karin, at 9:46 AM  
I love the table and I think the arrangement looks wonderful and inviting and cheery and smart.

Those darn cats! I love that they are like one big morphing amoeba with four cute little smiling faces.

Yes. I have found that "om-ing" in my head has been very useful of late. Om is like a compassionate conservative, peacefully bulldozing rogue thoughts asunder. Let's surround the Painted Lady in one large womb-like orb of Om.
Blogger superbigmuch, at 10:27 AM  
It lookds great where it is! Thanks for inviting me in for a playdate with my fave red-headed stepchild, the Tudors, and swimming, walking, and talking.
Blogger Lu, at 7:11 PM  
I love thinking of that as a playdate.
Blogger superbigmuch, at 10:28 PM  

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