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Monday, March 31, 2008


Woke up to several inches of snow this morning. Wet, soft spring snow. Very pretty, very artfully shaken on, like confectioner's sugar on a jelly roll. It doesn't look quite real. Movie set snow. I'm not going to take it too seriously.

I noticed today that my Morocco - Warm Amber and Incense candles from Target carry a blurb/description inside the lid that reads as follows: "Embark on a safari that explores the wonders of nature as mountains cascade into the sea, animals run wild through uncultivated lands and the sun glows with an amber hue. The exotic nature of this home fragrance fills the air with the untamed sensuality of Africa." Hmm . . . the illusion of cultural globalization packaged in the rhetoric of colonial nostalgia? Evidence of capitalism as the new colonialism? Have I been spending too much time by myself at home? Why, yes.

Speaking of orientalism, here are pictures of the geisha kitsch shower curtain. Love! It!

Also? Aiko wants you all to know that she's going to be phoning it in today.

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Aiko, aiko oh nay.

Also, call me when the fresh spring rolls happen.
Blogger Lu, at 5:24 PM  
Love the curtain!

Also? The little pink cat tongue.
Blogger anne, at 12:45 PM  
I can't believe she's sticking her tongue out at me. And the shower curtain is even more fabulous than I envisioned.
Anonymous shelley, at 11:55 AM  
It absolutely slays me when they leave their little tongue-tip out there like that! Sometimes one of my guys will do that and just sit there looking at me while I die laughing and the cat is like "WHAT?!"
Blogger Anne, at 1:50 PM  

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