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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


First, the flight out of Sioux City is canceled due to mechanical failures.

So I am rerouted to a different airline out of Sioux Falls. And so I drive to Sioux Falls. The flight out of Sioux Falls is delayed due to mechanical issues because it is just So. Freaking. Cold.

The flight from Sioux Falls finally leaves, and circles Chicago O'Hare for a lengthy time, and after landing, waits in line for an impossibly long time before deplaning. I just barely make the connecting flight.

However, the connecting flight is similarly delayed. First by one hour. Then by two hours.

Also? Can I mention that I have Midol-immune cramps of operatic proportions? And a headache? And that I am hungryangrylonelytired?

Apparently, while I am in the bathroom, a gate change is announced. It is not, however, reflected on the LED monitor behind the gate counter. So I think that all is well. I read my book and wait. And wait and wait. The time for departure arrives and I wonder why boarding hasn't commenced. All of a sudden, the flight on which I am supposed to be disappears from the LED monitor, and a different flight pops up. I panic. I flitter at the counter: WhathappendtomyflightIdontseemyflightwhat'shappening? They tell me there's been a gate change. I'm supposed to be boarding my flight right at that very moment at a gate located on the opposite end of O'Hare.

I commence to do the dreaded adrenaline-fueled full-on-panic Run and Flail with roller bag bouncing in tow through O'Hare Airport. Because what could be better than that? Did I mention that my travel day was in it's twelfth hour at this point in time? I arrive at the gate sweaty and freaked out and with a large blister on the ball of my foot. The plane has to be cracked back open for me.

My flight arrives in Syracuse at about 12:40 a.m. I am supposed to pick up a rent-a-car from Enterprise, but it turns out that the Enterprise counter closes at 11:30 p.m. So I get my bag from baggage claim, and procure a taxi to take me to the Best Western, where I am to spend the night prior to giving a morning reading in Syracuse.

At the Best Western, the computers are down, and the keycard-making device defunct, and so I can't be checked into my room. There is only one person working, and so she has to call her boss. I am finally let into my room at about 2:00 a.m. I am able to get sorted out and into bed at about 3:00 a.m.

However, despite the quirky travel day, I ended up where I needed to be, and that's all that counts, when all is said and done, and I've had a fabulous three days so far here in upstate New York! I read at Onondaga Community College on Monday, and then gave a reading and several workshops at Wolcott Middle School on Tuesday. Today I read at SUNY Oswego, and visited with Ira Sukrungruang's (delightful!) creative writing class. Plus? I am driving a rental car! And I have not accidentally ended up in Canada yet! Hooray!

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Travel--isn't it grand? Hope the rest of the time goes a bit smoother for you. I could always be worse. You could have ended up on a plane to Zimbabwai or some other equally unsavory local. At least ehn you would be warm, I gusee.

See you when you get back.
Blogger P. Block, at 1:43 AM  
Can you say problem keyboard coupled with poor proof-reading...?
Blogger P. Block, at 1:44 AM  

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