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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I get up to discover that crazed beastlets have gnawed a large hole in the shower curtain. Because I really wanted a ragged hole to peer through on those occasions when shower time seemed dull and not-so-fun. Or to keep a bead on the advent of any possible Psycho reenactments.

Then, while writing this morning with my large mug (okay, it's more of a soup bowl . . . okay, it's more of a smallish vat) of coffee, cats thundering up and down the length of the apartment like rhinocerouses on crack, Tampopo suddenly charges the little tray on which I've set up my laptop and my smallish-vat--setting in motion a tidal wave of coffee cascading in mini-Katrina fashion, all over the laptop keyboard.

Historically, I am kind of meticulous about keeping a keyboard protector on the laptop. Somehow, I got all casual and laissez-faire about things this summer, and the laptop? It's been going commando for awhile now.

My adored MacBook? FUBAR.


Work completely disrupted/interrupted.

Later on in the day, Aiko charges my dinner salad when I'm trying to pour dressing on it. She wants to get at the grilled chicken. And the almonds. She apparently loves the slivered almonds, too. Somehow, during evasive maneuvers, she ends up lunging at the bowl, knocking it clean out of my hand, and it all goes splattering all over the newly-cleaned kitchen floor.

While I shriek profanities in the kitchen, the kittens gleefully scarf down the windfall of chicken and almond pieces off the kitchen floor.

I have decamped to my office at school, where I am posting this, and reading more-and-more-grim MacBook anecdotes regarding Death by Coffee.

I am frankly afraid to go home, because I will probably return to discover that the kittens have somehow managed to set the place on fire. Or are building a homemade bomb out of common household materials.
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I believe all the four-leggeds are acquiring spring fever now, out two springers are more mischievous now......DH
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