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Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy New Year to everyone from Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, Nebraska! May your 2008 be filled with wonder and delight!
posted by Artichoke Heart at 11:54 PM


Happy new year to you, too! Good to see a new entry!
Blogger JN, at 11:52 AM  
Well, knock me over dead! Happy New Year to you, too! ;)
Blogger Joel, at 3:30 PM  
Nebraska City! I did a residency at the KHN Center there. What a great little town. Happy new year!
Anonymous eek, at 12:15 AM  
nice to see you last night - have a fun and productive spring, and hope to run into you again at the "bump and grind" on Friday evenings!
Anonymous dh, at 1:46 PM  
You are back! It's been so long. Hope your 2008 is crazy, sexy, cool.
Blogger s.m. vanosdel, at 4:23 AM  
Happy New Year--and welcome back!
Anonymous CHW, at 10:02 PM  

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