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Monday, September 11, 2006


1. Disclaimer

Dear Internets: Should the fatuously gratuitous and compulsive posting of kitten pics and antics make you want to gag, you are warned that you must only proceed further at your own risk. Artichoke Heart’s House of Wayward Cats & Co. bears no liability for either the gagging, the throwing up a little bit in the back of one’s mouth, and/or downright blowing of chunks due to the indiscriminate and volatile combination of Silliness and Cuteness.

[Skull and Crossbones] You have been duly WARNED! [/Skull and Crossbones]

2. Niblet Factoids

Weighs 1.5 pounds. (I forgot that cats came that small!)

Was a feisty little mofo at the vet. (Required two adult assistants to hold down all of his wriggling and pissed off 1.5 pounds for blood test!)

Feline Leukemia test was negative!

Is a highly enthusiastic eater!

A Striker of Fear in the Trembly Quakey Hearts of Crackly Catnip Mice Everywhere!

3. The Unbearable Cuteness of Bean

The Bean, seemingly aware of the fact that he’s well over ten times the size of the Niblet, has been unbearably gentle and sweet about taking the Niblet under his wing. Yuki, who typically insists that a Whole Lot of Complicated Yuki Hoops Must be Jumped Through First, Bucko, is still a bit growly  although I caught her yawning mid-growl the other day, and also growling from a luxuriously prone position, stomach exposed, on the bathroom mat, so it’s obviously just Obligatory Yuki Noise  and clearly thinks that this big Bean/Niblet love fest is, to be honest, just plain icky.

4. Eat Your Heart Out, Stuff on My Cat

Hey, there’s stuff!!

On my cat!!

5. P.S.

It’s really nice to have an (Un)Holy Trifecta of cats again.
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zamibble. widdle. meep.
Blogger jill, at 10:46 PM  
Those Niblet/Bean pictures are so cute I just looked at every one of them even though I am on slow-ass dialup. I think it is a Law Of Nature that "one little bitty one and one great big benevolent one" is the cutest thing ever. :)
Blogger Anne, at 11:51 PM  
I demand that you stop this offensive cuteness IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. (Okay, but look how they're all cuddly wuddly together. Aren't you jealous? I am, a little.)
Blogger Shelley, at 2:01 AM  
Zee Bean Bean has a new toy!

"I loves my new Niblet."

Blogger MJ, at 3:23 PM  
omg, the pic of bean and niblet cuddling together while yuki observes this in disdain in the background made me laugh out loud! i am a total dog person, but your cats have so much personality and crack me up!!
Blogger cornshake, at 2:35 PM  
Yuki's disgruntlement is particularly palpable in the last pic.

I maintain that no one needs a TV when they have cats.
Blogger Erica, at 7:24 PM  
Guh-gorgeous. :-)
Blogger Ivy, at 5:52 PM  
Paris the Genius Cat, also a very small black cat, saw the photo of fangish Niblet and thought it was he, in his feisty youth, which has never dissapated not even in 8 years, and it still takes three assistants to draw blood. OH! he said. What beeootifuulll claws!

Also, I am a highly enthusiastic eater! I love this phrase and will use it in my head the next time I want deep fried mushrooms for breakfast.

Blogger Radish King, at 11:09 AM  

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