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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Things crazy-busy here. I was out-of-town for two days this last week doing readings, and then, after a long teaching day tomorrow, I'll head back out again on Wednesday for another two days to do some more readings. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted and excited to be giving out-of-town readings, but right at this moment, tonight, it feels as if I've got an awful lot of balls in the air, and the juggling is tricky and delicate.

I received a letter in the mail today from The Southern Review accepting two poems, which made me do the Happy Dance, much to the astonishment of the cats. (I won't tell you all what the Happy Dance entails, exactly. It's much too embarrassing.)

Here's a picture of some Freaky Red Cannibal Bugs doing their Freaky Cannibal Thing on some unidentified remnants of some other bug. So there.

Here's a picture of Vermillion River from a walk I took last week.

And, most importantly, here is this week's installment of kitten pr0n from Artichoke Heart's House of Wayward Cats & Co. Dear Readers, please be assured that kittens have not been posed or manipulated in any way, and even if proprietor should attempt to force or drape or trick kittens into cute poses they are feisty and satan's-spawny and wouldn't cooperate anyhow. All kitten pr0n is 100% natural, organic, and unstaged, as evidenced by the fact that wine stains from Crazy and Better-Left-Undiscussed Wine Debacle of Three Summers Ago (for example, just saying) (and other incriminating tidbits), that are normally covered by assorted covering and camouflaging devices and the like are visible in certain shots.

That said, how can you resist this face?
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Um, I can't?
Blogger Shelley, at 11:36 AM  
love the layout of this blog
well and your title
first time
will be back
Blogger City Slicker, at 11:07 AM  
Arg! Too cute! Nibl.. er Nobu tummy... I want to scritch it.

And fear not, I'm fairly certain we all have a well placed throw (or 2) in our homes.
Blogger MJ, at 10:13 PM  

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