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Monday, November 28, 2005


1. Acknowledging, first of all, the Extreme Suckitude and Crass Glorification and Whitewashing of Colonization upon which T-giving mythologies are based, I would like to point out, before going any further, that T-giving is a deeply problematic holiday, perhaps even more resonantly so in this part of the country. That said, my own T-giving celebration was spent at the house of a post-colonial scholar, with all of my extended adopted family. While the feast contained many traditional T-day foods (but, thankfully, none of those Midwestern aberrations such as green bean casserole with that scary fried onion in a can bullshit, nor anything involving marshmallows!), the assortment of guests was marvelously diverse and international. It was a lovely day.

2. For my T-giving contribution, I made a Raspberry Orange Trifle. (And yes, it's probably weird to post pictures of food that one has made on the internet, but here's an aerial view of the Raspberry Orange Trifle, in case one is into that sort of thing.)

3. I'm particularly thankful this year to have such kind and amazing friends who are always so unbelievably good to me in so many ways. I'm thankful that I have nice colleagues and absolutely awesome students. I'm thankful for my cats. I'm thankful for armadillos. And eBay. And star-nosed moles. And you, you, you, and you . . . yes, you.

5. Half-assed vacuuming is infinitely better than no vacuuming at all.

6. When one is shy, there is sometimes an unfortunate penchant for Overcompensatory Logorrhea, in which one's mouth is moving and one's brain, as if from a great distance, is watching on in either outright horror or eye-rolling disgust, and the thing that was coming out of one's mouth that was supposed to be an Amusing Anecdote isn't really all that amusing at all, and even worse, it makes it seem as if the Amusing Anecdote has some sort of Significant Subtext by which one was going out of one's way to Make An Important Point that, in point of fact, one really wasn't trying to make at all, and as if that weren't bad enough, there's no way to clarify and indicate that one wasn't trying to Make That Important Point because in doing so one would then be Making A Different Sort of Point Altogether which would be equally, if not more so, troublesome. I'm just saying . . .

7. My favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world has wireless! How happy am I?!?!

8. Conversations With My Japanese Mother (Condensed Version):
JM: Name-Excluded-to-Protect-the-Innocent said she thought you such nice dresser.
AH: [Wistfully/Hopefully] Really? She did?
JM: Yeah. I think she was drunk. She must be drunk!
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On #6: Oh, yes. I can so, so relate.
On #7: Whoohoo! How exciting is that??!!
On #8: I really hate "LOL". I just have to say I laughed out loud. I'm sorry.
Blogger luckybuzz, at 2:18 AM  
I love how those mandarin oranges appear to be vaccuming the whipped cream like greedy candied mollusks...glistening and jibbly-like.
Blogger Turquoise, at 5:40 AM  
Yeah.. #6, I too can totally relate. Your brain is screaming "OMG, shut up already!!" and yet, oddly, you just can't.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. :)
Blogger Alena, at 8:51 AM  
no i don't think it is weird to post pictures of food you make. with desserts like that, we want more, more! ps. is that yellow cake or ladyfingers?? i am starved and it's not even lunch yet!
Blogger cornshake, at 11:56 AM  
Mnnnn. Trifle. A grand name for a dessert, especially for one so well decorated.
Blogger Jade, at 2:00 PM  
What?! No green bean casserole?! The horror!

(Pretty dessert. Pretty kitties, too. Happy T-day.)
Blogger Shelley, at 4:49 PM  
Turquoise: Jibbly-like candied mollusks. That's brilliant!

Corn Shake: I use pound cake, although I do use lady fingers when I make tiramisu. However, after consulting with a Crack Tiramisu Maker, I'm going to try pound cake for my next tiramisu as well, to see if it holds up a little bit more stalwartly to the onslaught of espresso and kahlua.
Blogger Artichoke Heart, at 10:41 PM  
This begs the question:

How do I get me some lady fingers into my pound cake?

Is this covered on the Food Network? Iron Chef?
Blogger Turquoise, at 11:07 PM  
I can't believe you didnt make me cheesecake, that is just wrong.
Blogger early hours of sky, at 11:27 PM  
Turquoise: If it's lady fingers in your pound cake that you're looking for, you require the following recipe: Lots of sugar. Plenty of butter. Generously drizzle everything down with alcohol, and voila!

T: You really want cheesecake? I can bring on the cheesecake!
Blogger Artichoke Heart, at 11:52 PM  
hmmm, sometimes I'd rather have a slice of pie. Definately cinnamon spiced pumpkin, but berry is my favorite. As long as the berries are plump and saucy.
Blogger Turquoise, at 2:11 AM  
Definitely plump and saucy. Tart and plump and saucy!
Blogger Artichoke Heart, at 10:29 AM  
Now that we're on the subject. Might you recommend a good dessert wine? ;)
Blogger Turquoise, at 1:04 PM  

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