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Thursday, October 20, 2005


There was a bit of drama here at Artichoke Heart Headquarters this past week. For starters, Muku had to receive one of his infamous Lion Cuts.

He was returned to me garnished with a Festive Halloween Scarf.

I feel that I should clarify, however, and say that the Lion Cut is not an attempt to torture my cat -- yes, I've seen the little How Much Does My Owner Hate Me buttons floating about on the internets -- or an attempt to impose a questionable aesthetic fashion sense upon my poor feline. It's actually about providing comfort to a Feline Emeritus. Being a cat of advancing years, Muku has been suffering from stiff and painful hips, and is therefore no longer able to properly groom himself. Being a Persian cat, this means that despite copious brushing on my part, he gets very messy and matted and uncomfortable. He clearly seems to feel much more frisky and spiffy in his Lion Cuts, and there are much fewer hairball issues. The other upside is that his shaved fur feels irresistably soft and sleek, like a velvety silver mole, and I therefore can't resist petting him obsessively, which seems to do wonders for Senior Kitty Morale.

The only problem with the Lion Cuts is that Yuki always ends up having a hissy fit because she becomes inextricably convinced that I've somehow managed to bring home the Wrong Cat and that I'm obtusely trying to fob off some sort of Imposter Muku on her. Her job, as she sees it, is to hiss and growl at the Imposter Muku (because she's seen both The Return of Martin Guerrre and Sommersby, thank you very much!) to show him that she isn't buying his act, no, not for one second, mister! Her job is to also yell at me and nag me mercilessly as if to say, "Hey! Moron! You came home with the Wrong Cat! That there is an Imposter Muku!

The Bean, however, doesn't really care much one way or othe other. He just thinks it's Awfully Droll to lounge about in those amusing little cat carriers.
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I understand why you'd do it but, oh my, that's a funny lookin' cat. (I say that with love.)
Blogger Shelley, at 11:37 AM  
My daughter's neighbours give their cat Paolo a lion cut every spring because Montreal summers can be stupidly hot and humid and why should an extremely long haired cat who goes outside suffer?

Sounds like you've found a very humane solution to a very vexing problem. Zub is very long haired, too, and I'll keep the lion cut in mind if he gets too arthritic to take care of himself.

I'll bet Muku *does* feel wonderful. Long-haired cats have such silky fur ...
Blogger Marn, at 11:38 AM  
I must ask - what kind of fabulous camera are you using???
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:43 PM  
Oh dear Muku, I swear I'm not *giggle* laughing at *giggle* you! I will have to keep the Lion Cut in mind years from now when my Honey Bear (aka the woolly mammoth cat) becomes a Cat of a Certain Age and retires from endless grooming of his bounteous fluff.
Blogger Anne, at 5:52 PM  
I love the jaunty bandana and Muku's little legs--looks like legwarmers! :)
Blogger cornshake, at 12:08 AM  
Paris the Genius Cat just wept. Openly and freely wept. I should NOT have let him see.
Blogger Radish King, at 12:43 AM  
Thanks for the story and the pix! Took me right back to southern New Mexico summers, when we took our kitty Nxi in for a shave. The cholas at the doggie salon sent her home wearing a bandanna and, um perfume. We think it was the perfume that sent Mxi over the edge, convinced that her big sister had been replaced with an imposter!

I also enjoyed your kitty slideshow. Although my partner L and I have just been congratulating ourselves on Mxi and Nxi losing weight. And now I see your kitties and notice that their bellies don't hang to one side when they're on their backs.

Back to the Rx cat food, girls!
Blogger Ktrion, at 2:54 PM  

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