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Friday, October 21, 2005


Everyone do a hula dance for me today because it's my birthday.

And I'm 40!!

I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but I'm 40!!

And I'm determined that 40 is going to be utterly fabulous!
posted by Artichoke Heart at 1:31 AM


Happy Birthday!!! xo
Blogger Suzanne, at 5:14 AM  
Happy Birthday, Artichoke Girl! You've earned your stunning Purple Heart.
Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes, at 5:42 AM  
Strive, honey? Why strive to be utterly fabulous when you just ARE???


Happy birthday - please don't disappear again!
Anonymous Jill Smith, at 7:22 AM  
OHHH! Let's have cake!

(enjoy to excess)
Blogger Radish King, at 9:12 AM  
Cheesecake...may it be a wonderful day.
Blogger early hours of sky, at 9:42 AM  
Happy birthday!
Blogger luckybuzz, at 10:18 AM  
happy birthday!!
Blogger Dark Dorothy, at 12:12 PM  
oh, my my. Happy Birthday to the Queen of Utter Fabulousness! I am happy to count myself as one of your minions.
Blogger Jade, at 12:58 PM  
WooHoo! Happy Birthday to my favorite FABU 4-O babe!

Have a great one and save me a cupcake or something will ya?
Blogger MJ, at 1:03 PM  
Happy happy birthday! I've been happier since turning forty than at any other time in my life, I think -- hope the same is true for you. Fabulous forty!
Blogger Anne, at 1:22 PM  
Here's wishing you a fantastic birthday, Artichoke Heart! And a correspondingly wonderful year ahead... :)
Blogger Lenka, at 2:17 PM  
Happy birthday!

M. Luminous
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:04 PM  
Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the forties. You are going to love them.
Blogger jo(e), at 4:33 PM  
You *are* ridiculously fabulous, so you are going to have to set other goals, missy.

Happy Birthday.
Blogger Marn, at 4:43 PM  
Happy Most Wonderful Birthday! Enjoy the 40's . . . they're even better than the 30's . . . really!
Blogger Peter, at 6:23 PM  
Happy Birthday, our dearest Artichoke Heart!! I'm just about to go meet a friend for drinks for her birthday today too (she's only a baby at 28), so I'll be sure and raise a glass to you!

- Shannon
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:20 PM  
Cumpleaños feliz... cumpleaños feliz... cumpleaños fee-e-eliz...

La fabulosa corazón de alcachofa...
Blogger Camicao, at 12:30 AM  
happy birthday !!!--i hope you had a fabulous dessert to celebrate!
Blogger cornshake, at 6:45 PM  
Happy Birthday!
Blogger George, at 4:26 PM  
Happy belated birthday!
Blogger Rori, at 7:23 PM  
Welcome to 40, my FABOO friend!
Blogger Shelley, at 8:10 PM  
Happy Birthday....maybe you should treat yourself to a fabulous new birthday hat....
Blogger Ender28, at 11:08 AM  
Happy belated birthday!
Blogger C. Dale, at 2:24 PM  
Yes, sorry this is late - happy 40! And I really liked your poem in Beloit!
Blogger jeannine, at 2:50 PM  
I'm late too... but...

Blogger annebrev, at 8:44 AM  
Happy Birthday!
Blogger ScottM, at 7:09 PM  
Happy belated birthday! And you look barely 30!
Blogger Charles, at 7:16 PM  
Happy belated...Lee
Blogger Lee Herrick, at 9:04 PM  
yes, happy belated b-day!
Blogger Eduardo C. Corral, at 2:53 AM  
Happy birthday!
Blogger Ivy, at 4:39 PM  
I'm waaay late - but vmhrotd, nonetheless.

Hope it was a memorable day.
Blogger Mr.D., at 7:57 AM  
Hey, I just turned 40 a few weeks ago. We'll have to start a fourth decade club. --grin--

Happy Birthday!
Blogger steve mueske, at 2:44 PM  
I've been away and am late, but you ARE truly fabulous. Forty is fabulous too. Happy happy birthday, you. Keep on keepin' on.
Blogger gina, at 1:00 AM  
I was out of town and I missed this -- but I wanted to wish you happy birthday all the same. Happy Birthday! You're fabulous!
Blogger mopsa, at 11:36 AM  
Oh jeez! I'm so late! Happy birthday!
But how can you strive for what you already are.?
Blogger Tish, at 2:18 PM  
You know, I'm so glad you're blogging again! Don't disappear now, okay? ;)
Blogger Ivy, at 1:00 PM  
Yes, last year your birthday post was your final post for almost a year. Please don't leave us again!

- Shannon
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:10 PM  

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