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Friday, August 05, 2005


Having been suffering over the last week or so with what I can only describe as a Wicked Case of Flickr Envy, I got myself my very own flickr account today, got busy with the uploading, and can now happily report that I don't have to suffer from Flickr Envy any more. It's all terribly exciting: I even have my pics randomly rotating on a clickable flickr badge (my "photo-maki roll" har har) down below on my sidebar. (Now try saying "clickable flickr badge" out loud five times really fast.)

So far, I've put together a set of Obligatory and Shamelessly Gratuitous Cat Pics, of course, as well as a set of New Apartment Pics. I also have up pictures from my road trip last summer to the South Dakota Badlands, including my stay in Deadwood, South Dakota, and travels through the Black Hills.

Flickr is fun. Flickr is my friend.
posted by Artichoke Heart at 9:18 PM


I love your gratuitous cat pics! They seems so happy! We have two cats and they would never cuddle like that. Makes me sad.
Blogger Camicao, at 10:42 AM  
You have one great apartment.

If it weren't a built-in, I'd be trying to buy your cabinet. Love the leading.
Blogger Pamela, at 3:14 PM  
Thank you Pamela! I just moved in a few months ago, and I have to confess that I still have a little apartment crush on my own apartment.

And hi Camicao! I think it was helpful that all my cats were introduced one by one as kittens, so the older cats always were snookered into thinking they were small, inconsequential, amusing beings . . . but by the time they became large and annoying, it was too late. That, and they're all hopeless Heat Leeches.
Blogger Artichoke Heart, at 11:43 AM  
Your cats are almost as cute as mine. *grin* I have one who is 18 years old, diabetic, arthritic, but still spoiled and happy -- and one who is a mere babe of 3, about 18 lbs. of pure fluff, very Maine Coon-ish although he was a shelter cat picked up as a stray so who knows if he actually has any Maine Coon in him.

I posted this as a response to your comment on my blog, but just in case you don't get back there, I think we know at least one person in common -- if I remember correctly it was John Scully who sent me to your website lo these many years ago. Hello from Bloomington!
Blogger Anne, at 5:45 PM  
isn't flickr the best? i used to have abadge up and maybe now i will resurrect it. look 4 an email from me soon...
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