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Saturday, August 20, 2005


I'm currently camped out at the residence of my dear friends, Susan and Cathy. I'm doing some dog/house-sitting while they're visiting their grandchildren. Because I am a Complete and Total Dork, I'm going to take the opportunity to introduce you all to their menagerie, because it's not bad enough that I obsessively indulge in Cat Blogging from my own home, I must now apparently colonize the homes of my friends and do Pet Blogging from their places of abode as well.

All of these delightful critters, it bears noting, have been rescued/adopted from less-than-ideal circumstances, but now have a Very Nice Life, as evidenced by the three-page, single-spaced instructional booklet sheet(s) devoted to their feeding preferences, maintenance, and emotional well-being.

Andy: Andy is the Alpha Dog and don't you forget it!
Likes: Belly rubs, chewies, acting like a Miss Bossy Pants and making everyone else do the Miss Bossy Pants Dance
Dislikes: Having people pay too much attention to Buddy instead of acknowledging her (i.e., Andy's) sheer and overwhelming fabulosity, mailmen, having her picture taken

Buddy: Big goofy lug-bug!
Likes: Hugs, wedging his snout into armpits and such, making the Booda Hedgehog oink and squeak in submission because Buddy is the boss of it, a couple pasta noodles in his food thank you very much
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, thunderstorms

Sugar: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
Likes: Sitting on paper, having her picture taken, begging for extra food
Dislikes: Being ignored when begging for extra food

Spice: "Let me lick your nose for you!"
Likes: Getting pets, Buddy, having people randomly burst forth singing, "Spice-a-Roni! the San Francisco Treat!"
Dislikes: D'Arcy

D'Arcy: A.K.A. The Garbanzo
Likes: Cathy's homemade cat food, Cathy, Connie
Dislikes: Spice, any time when Cathy's not home, getting pilled with pill to alleviate his anxiety resulting from his intense dislike of Spice

Connie: Short for Conrad--the marmalade hunka love on the left
Likes: Eating pumpkin out of other household members' food dishes, eating in general, D'Arcy, stealing D'Arcy's pill bottle and carrying it around the house at night and hiding it
Dislikes: Being hugged to excess by housesitter while being told he's a hunka hunka burning marmalade love

And finally, a shout out and big thanks to Profgrrrrl for the lovely postcard from the Japanese Gardens in Portland. I was very tickled to receive it here in South Dakota last week.

Aren't the Internets fun?
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I loved Portland's Japaneese gardens; when I returned home, I finally visited ours. They're wonderfully peaceful places; Portland's is stunningly beautiful as well.
Blogger ScottM, at 2:38 PM  
Glad you got the postcard. I love sending them from my trips :)
Blogger ~profgrrrrl~, at 2:06 AM  
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